Going to the dentist is one of the most important things you can do to care for your teeth and gums. Visiting the dentist in Fort Myers, FL, regularly can help you avoid problems like cavities, dental infections, periodontal disease, and more.

At 1OAK Dentistry, we care for our patients through compassionate and efficient dental care. We offer dental care in our modern facility, where we serve patients of all ages and with a variety of dental needs.


We offer a range of general dentistry services. It’s important to visit a dentist that provides a range of services so you can handle all your dental needs at the same location. Here’s what brings our patients to Oak Dentistry.

Teeth Cleaning

Get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional twice annually. During your dental cleaning, we’ll remove plaque and tartar from your teeth to keep them clean and polished. Our teeth cleanings can help prevent cavities and may even remove stains from your teeth.


Dental examinations are important for catching oral health problems in their early stages. During your dental examination, we’ll look for problems like cavities, cracks in the tooth enamel, dental infections, and broken teeth. We’ll also check for the signs of periodontal disease and other oral health problems.

If your dental examination uncovers a problem that needs treatment, your dental care professional will recommend a treatment plan to help you get the care you need when you need it.

Dental Fillings

A cavity is an area of tooth decay, often caused by sugary foods and drinks combined with poor oral hygiene habits. Sometimes cavities are caused by (or exacerbated by) problems like dry mouth, certain medications, and certain health conditions.

If you have a cavity, it’s important to get it looked at by a dental provider as quickly as possible. Cavities can start out small but may eventually turn into a dental infection if the tooth decay spreads and becomes severe enough.


X-rays are important for identifying areas of concern that are difficult or impossible to see just by looking in the mouth. X-rays help dentists look inside the teeth and gums to see what’s happening there.

X-rays may not be needed with every visit to the dentist, but your dentist will help you decide when to get new ones. X-rays are quick and painless and can help the dentist in important ways. They are considered a standard part of preventative dental care. 

Restorative Procedures

If your teeth are damaged or broken, you may need restorative dental procedures to help restore them to health and functionality. Restorative procedures include dental bridges to fill the gap when a tooth is missing, crowns to cover the damaged tooth enamel, and fillings to fill a cavity created by tooth decay. The dental team at 1OAK Dentistry offers a range of general dentistry procedures to help restore your teeth.


Preventative dentistry is important for many reasons.

Maintain oral health and hygiene. Seeing the dentist regularly can help avoid problems like cavities, periodontal disease, infections, etc.

Maintain fresh breath. Bad breath is a side effect of problems like periodontal disease and poor dental health. Seeing the dentist, in addition to brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once per day, is an important part of maintaining fresh breath.

Maintain white teeth and a beautiful smile. Having white, healthy teeth can help you feel better about your smile. When you visit the professionals at 1OAK Dentistry, your dentist will clean and polish your tooth enamel to help eliminate and prevent stains.

Catch problems before they become serious. Problems like cavities can get worse as time goes on. A cavity left untreated for too long may become an infection. Your dentist can catch this problem before it becomes serious and prevent the infection from happening.


See your dentist at 1OAK Dentistry every six months unless your dentist otherwise directs you. You should also see the dentist if you’re having symptoms of a problem such as:

  • Severe toothache
  • Swelling around a painful tooth
  • Loss of a permanent tooth
  • Permanent teeth have become loose
  • Tooth becomes chipped or cracked
  • You’ve noticed a black discoloration in your tooth


When you come to 1OAK Dentistry for a standard tooth cleaning and dental examination, here are the steps your dentist may take:

  • X-rays. Your dentist may use X-rays to see into your teeth and gums.
  • Dental cleaning. Our dental professionals will remove plaque and tartar built up on your teeth and below the gum line.
  • Dental examination. The dentist will examine your teeth for signs of a problem, like cavities and infection.
  • Fluoride treatment. Your dentist may administer fluoride treatment, which can help reverse tooth decay and strengthen teeth.


Do you need general dentistry services in Fort Myers, FL? Fort Myers residents come to Oak Dentistry because our dental professionals are courteous, polite, and highly qualified to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Call 1OAK Dentistry today to make an appointment.

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